A Moroccan – Spanish partnership in the field of infrastructure

A Moroccan – Spanish partnership in the field of infrastructure

Last December 2011, Euro Geotecnica and the Laboratoire Public d’Essais et d’Etudes (LPEE), main players in the field of infrastructure, signed an agreement with the aim sharing their expertise in the fields where they are complementary.

This agreement is part of the strategic vision of Morocco Kingdom that aims to improve, develop and modernise the whole priority infrastructures of the country such as roads, railway and airports. Morocco is conscious of the importance of having strong experts in its civil engineering fields especially when it refers to technical and technological approach. This knowledge helps to optimise the quality and costs of the infrastructures in a long term view, in the prior phase of doing the project as the posterior one related to the maintenance of its infrastructures.

This partnership is based on four strategic axes: Conjoint participation in civil engineering projects tendered in Morocco and Spain. Technical and technological transfer of technology between parties. Exchange of competences and training. Research & innovation and scientific production.

This partnership is mainly focused in the Moroccan and Spanish market with the possibility of being extended to other African countries.

“The strategic position of Morocco, ally to the experience and expertise of both partners will facilitate the penetration into the African market” says M. Carlos Lopez, General Manager of Euro Geotecnica.

On his side, M. Abdelhakim Jakani, General Manager of LPEE notes that this partnership that «this partnership is framed in the will of the Laboratory to provide its services in accordance to international standards and develop its expertise and experience on an international level”.

Today LPEE and Euro Geotecnica are satisfied with this partnership which can be established as an example of Moroccan – Spanish economic collaboration. It shows a new dynamic and a growing common interest of Spanish companies for the Moroccan infrastructure sector.

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