Geology and Geotechnics

EURO GEOTECNICA has a department specialising in the field of Geology and Geotechnics with doctors in Geology and Geological Engineering who lead the works in order to offer creative solutions to the problems posed by the soil. The Geology and Geotechnics area has existed for twenty years and has gained some importance in the company, now accounting for 40% of its business.

The company has consolidated experience in the investigation of soil and the carrying out of geotechnical analyses and 2D and 3D modelling, and has worked in the following specialist areas:

  • Natural risks:
    • Seismic.
    • Breakage of earth dams.
    • Geological risks (landslides, falling rock blocks, avalanches and floods).
  • Road geotechnics:
    • Slope and valley slope stability analysis.
    • Foundations for solid walls.
  • Port and Coast Geotechnics:
    • Dyke stability analysis and foundations.
  • Foundations:
    • Examination of foundation conditions.
    • Assessment of the load bearing capacity and settlement of soil.
  • Tunnels:
    • Tunnel closing or convergence measurements.
    • Measurement of structural deformations: electro-levels and extensiometers.
  • Instrumentation:
    • Slope and valley slope movements.
    • Soil settlement and deformability.
    • Structural movement control.
    • Underground works.
  • Hydrogeology:
    • Pumping test execution and follow-up.
    • Modelling of bodies of water and aquifers.
    • Data analysis and drafting of reports.

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