The Company

EURO GEOTECNICA was created in 1990 and is an independent multidisciplinary company fully consolidated in the area of Geotechnics and Tunnel Engineering, with sound references confirming our skill in these areas.

In the course of time, the company has gradually evolved and included new specialities such as Environment, Auscultation and Instrumentation of Works and Geoinformatics, creating and developing geotechnical databases and GIS systems. In a more general area, the company has a powerful engineering team to carry out rail and road transport engineering projects.

The company’s main asset is the people who comprise it, inspiring our customers’ trust and fostering a spirit of teamwork between the different areas of specialisation.

The company focuses its ongoing efforts on the specialist area of ground engineering applied to civil engineering works, permanently fostering research and innovation within these fields and devoting a substantial part of its income to specific research projects.

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