Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics is governed by the following principles, making EURO GEOTECNICA a serious company with a commitment to the future both towards its customers and towards it employees.

  • Personal development

The company views each of its employees as an individual and group project, in both cases with the main mission of growing with freedom and responsibility.

  • Knowledge transfer

The company places at its customers’, employees’ and collaborators’ disposal a team of specialist technical experts who can anticipate the market’s growing needs in order to benefit all the people involved in this project.

  • Innovation

The company seeks creative solutions to improve its work processes and distinguish itself from its competitors.

  • Transparency

The company is committed to communicating information regarding its employees, collaborators and customers, being clear and frank with each of them.

  • Confidentiality

The company ensures that the information provided by customers, either as documents or as knowledge, is kept strictly confidential by our technical team.

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